Jamie Lee Patterson – Eudora Video Release!

“If we came into what our powers do we would all feel the ground” Here it finally is! A labour of love the video for EUDORA! I hope you enjoy the video and please help spread the love by sharing Eudora with the hashtag #sharethelove ???❤️?????

– Eudora is named after my grandmother Eudora Ileen Patterson, who in 2015 was diagnosed with dementia. Shortly after finding out her diagnosis I sat in contemplation about the state of the world, and what it meant to be human. I got lost in fond memories of my childhood and with her calming wisdom ringing in my head, I wrote Eudora. With so much hate and fear spreading around the world the challenges seem soul-crushing, to even begin to address any of it we must listen to one another, and examine our relationships with ourselves, with our community (both local and global), and the planet, that can only happen from a deep place of love. In February of 2017, I recorded the album A Search for a Sunny Day Project at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. This past winter while living in the UK, I met the creative and talented Dan Fatu who produced this video. On a beautiful spring afternoon in Brighton a group of friends and volunteers from various corners of the planet (Colombia, Nigeria, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Bhutan, Romania, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, and Canada) came together and what flowed from that was this video with its simple but important message. Each participant in this project has, in one way or another, dedicated their lives to spreading more understanding, solidarity and love by using their gifts whether through protest, poetry, teaching, organizing, music, etc. I am forever grateful for each of their unique contributions. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and to spread some love! #sharethelove

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