Since he was a child, Jamie Lee Patterson has always found playing and writing to be a meditative and healing experience. Jamie couples his passion for music with his views on human rights, politics, and more to encourage people to connect and make a difference on both the local and international stage.

This is my “macro real-time view of humanity” which refers to a broad perspective of society as a whole. The song “Sick of It” highlights how our ego has a pervasive influence on us and how much effort we need to put in to overcome it. I express my exasperation and frustration with the way we treat each other and engage in wars that ultimately worsen division and inflict suffering. The message conveyed here is that we are not yet ready to wake up and realize our faults as a society.
Back in 2004, I recorded a raw and poorly recorded demo in my basement during the early hours of the morning. The base of this recording was created then, with an out-of-tune guitar. After 16 years, my friend HJL added an amazing musical backdrop to the recording, including drums, keys, and effects that were outside of the box. HJL also created an incredible video that perfectly complements the music.
The inspiration for Eudora, a project close to my heart, came from my grandmother Eudora Ileen Patterson. She was diagnosed with dementia in 2015, which led me to reflect on life and humanity. I found solace in reminiscing about my childhood and her wise words. Eudora serves as a reminder to listen to one another and to examine our relationships with ourselves, our communities, and the planet. To address the challenges we face, we must come from a place of love. In February 2017, I recorded my album A Search for a Sunny Day Project at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. Recently, while living in the UK, I met the talented Dan Fatu who produced this video. On a beautiful spring afternoon in Brighton, we brought together friends and volunteers from around the world who have dedicated their lives to spreading understanding, solidarity, and love through various means such as protest, poetry, teaching, organizing, and music. I am grateful for each participant’s unique contribution and invite you to watch the video and share some love. Thank you to Dan Fatu, and Catherine North Studios for their involvement in this project.
My heart swells with pride as I listen to my sister, Jesse Christine Patterson, beautifully perform my song, “Dear Jane,”. It’s a true testament to the power of collaboration and the magick that can happen when artists come together. I’m grateful for the opportunity to master the live-off-the-floor cell phone recording at Crooked Castle Studios, a space I affectionately refer to as my sanctuary.
Eudora video Premiere-Live at The Railway Inn, Brighton, England on July 3, 2019, recorded by Stanley Steere Photographed by Dan Fatu 0:00 – Eudora 4:16 – Kids in Love 7:00 – Dear Jane 11:16 – Our Kids Rights 14:37 – David in the Time of Waking 17:00 – Refrigerator
Refrigerator – Live at Al Whittle Theatre June 3, 2017.

Jamie Lee Patterson in collaboration with Clark McMillan and Callihoo recorded live late at night in Toronto in January 2017
0:00 – Eudora 5:15 – Our Kid’s Rights 9:05 – Callihoo 10:20 – The Fool

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to unwind with my latest tune, “Morning”. Its soothing melody resonates with the anxiety many of us are facing due to the pandemic. Personally, spending time in nature has been essential to my well-being. I hope this song brings you the same sense of peace it brings me. My best wishes to you.

During a trip to Montreal, I had the pleasure of staying with my good friend Clark McMillan. He was hard at work on a painting for my upcoming EP, which I titled “A Search for a Sunny Day Project.” One of the highlights of my visit was on April 7, 2017. I performed at The Yellow Door, a well-known underground music venue. The host and audience were incredibly warm and welcoming, and I had an amazing time.